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"Who Else Wants To Get Loads Of Exposure For Their Product, Service Or Web Site With An Eye-Catching Niche-Targeted Display Ad
Showcased On Our Website?"


From Eva Browne-Paterson
Dear Friend,

If you have any sort of website, you'll already know that need to advertise to bring visitors and customers to your site.

However the big problem is that online advertising can be very expensive - often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

On top of this, most online advertising offers very poor returns, using tiny text ads which do not offer sufficient room to properly show off your product or offer.

The result is that many potential customers never click on your ad, because it doesn't even catch their eye.

There's also the problem of "curiosity clicks", where visitors are unsure what you are offering - because the ad is so short - and click on your ad just to see what it is. If you're using pay-per-click, this ends up costing you money for zero benefit.

Clearly what you need is higher quality website adverts - and of course lower prices.

Now you have have both these with our superb advertising offer...


  High Impact Advertising For Maximum Effect

Below you can see some screenshots of typical display advertisements on our website:


Luxury Holidays

Luxury at affordable prices

Sun, sea and sands at our top hotel in the Canary Islands. Prices start from just $50 per person per night. For more details and to book online, visit our website now.


Toyota Camry

Your Local San Francisco Dealers

For a full range of Toyota cars, plus a huge selection of quality used vehicles of all makes, visit our showroom now. Full details, latest prices and maps available on our website.


Chocolate Gifts

Irresistible and Affordable

Every chocolate gift you could imagine, delivered direct to your door - or sent anywhere in the world with a Free gift card.

Click Here To View More Advertisements

As you can see these are top quality ads, packed with information - and presented in an easy to read, eye-catching format.

The photo dramatically increases response to your ad, by drawing attention to it (tests have shown that photos can increase response by as much as ten times).

On top of this, the large clear title and the bold sub-title draw further attention to the ad, with the detailed text underneath offering up to 240 characters (approximately five long lines) to fully explain the benefits of your offer.

These ads look amazing - and they pull in clicks like a power magnet.


  Easily Manage Your Own Ad

You'll have your own membership area that you can log into at any time to view the statistics on how your advert is performing (the number of times it has been viewed and the resulting number of clicks).

Your membership area also allows you to make changes to your advert at any time you want - changing any aspect of your ad - or even replacing it with a completely new ad.

To create your ad, you simply type your ad text into the boxes in your members area as shown below - and use the Browse button to upload your photo from your own PC (all photos are are hosted on our website automatically to make it really easy for you).

If you don't have your own web site online, that's fine. We'll supply you with a web page of your very own to advertise from for no extra cost at all!

Your members area will show you exactly what your advert looks like, allowing you to tweak it until you are 100% happy with everything.

This whole solution is designed to make it quick and easy to ensure our service provides you with maximum response for your advertising.


  Your Display Ad Shown Prominently On Our Site

Your ad along with all the other current ads on our system are shown in a continual rotating sequence.

Each successive visitor to our website will see a different ad at the top of the first page that they visit - and the ads are then shown in sequence on each successive page viewed, until the visitor has seen all the ads (at which point the sequence starts again).

This simple "rotating ads" solution maximizes the exposure for each advert, giving excellent value for money for all our advertisers.


  Display Your Ad On Any Targeted Category

Our website is split into separate niche-targeted categories to provide the best experience for our visitors.

You can have your ad shown on any of our categories, just by selecting them from a list.

You can choose from the following targeted categories:

1. Advertising
2. Apparel
3. Art
4. Books & Magazines
5. Business
6. Casinos & Online Gaming
7. Cosmetics & Skincare
8. Crafts & Hobbies
9. Dating
10. Electrical Goods
11. Finance
12. General
13. Gifts
14. Health & Wellness
15. Internet Marketing
16. Jewellery
17. Motor Vehicles
18. Movies & Music
19. Pets
20. Real Estate
21. Recreation
22. Special Occasions
23. Sports
24. Vacations & Travel
25. Web Services

This simple solution allows you to laser-target your advertising to the right niche.


Get Your Top Quality, Eye-Catching
Niche-Targeted Display Advertising Now!

There are many other advertising solutions available on the Internet, but few even come close to the superb, high-impact photo ads used on our system.

Using other advertising solutions such as those available through the top search engines, you can easily pay up to a dollar or more per visitor, just for a very basic advertisement.

Expensive advertising can make it very difficult to generate a profit each month...

However unlike the multi-billion dollar search engines, we have a genuine desire to help other webmasters, most of whom cannot afford to pay such high advertising costs.

That's why, for a limited time, we're charging from $27 to $97 for our service, depending on your requirements. There's a package to suit all needs here.

We're sure you'll agree that our low prices represent an absolute bargain compared to other advertising offers.

Order Your Niche-Targeted Display Advertisement Now! 


14 Days

Unlimited Impressions



30 Days

Unlimited Impressions



60 Days

Unlimited Impressions



90 Days

Unlimited Impressions

Not $97 Now Only $37!



If you have any questions or problems ordering, please contact us via our Support Desk here.

Wishing you success,

Eva Browne-Paterson

PS: You can continue paying the high cost of search engine pay-per-click ads - offering high risks and low returns...

...or you can take advantage of our superb advertising offer with unlimited impressions and get top quality advertising at a bargain rate.

PSS: Let us show you what real high performance ads can do for your online business.

Please click the order button to suit your budget above now.


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